Le rugby – Le tournoi des six nations et la coupe du monde de rugby
Famous rugby events
A. The Six Nations Championship
The Six Nations Championship succeeded to the Five Nations Championship in 2000 as Italy became the 6th participant. It is an annual rugby competition held between six European teams: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The winner of the Six Nations Championship is considered the European Champion.
France is the defending champions having won the competition in 2007. No Grand Slam was won, but Ireland won the Triple Crown. Italy won their first game abroad when they defeated Scotland and also defeated Wales the following week in Rome.

B. The Rugby World Cup
The 2007 Rugby World Cup will be the sixth Rugby World Cup. The World Cup takes place every four years. It will be hosted by France from September 7 to October 20 of 2007. France won the right to host the event in 2003, beating a bid from England.
Over 90 nations participated in the regional qualifying competitions that started in 2004. The eight quarter-finalists from the 2003 event automatically qualified, and twelve further nations have qualified. Portugal is the only debutant nation at the 2007 World Cup.
This World Cup will see 20 nations contesting 48 matches over 44 days. Forty-two matches will be spread between ten French cities, four matches will be held in Cardiff, Wales and two in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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